by ghenrywrites

What is a logline?   It’s like your elevator pitch.  Basically, you tell the story of your script in forty words or less and in one to two sentences.  You might think this is an easy feat, but it’s probably one of the most difficult first steps of writing a script.  One of the trickiest parts is that a logline only tells the first two acts so don’t worry about revealing your great show-stopping, plot twist(s).  And don’t expect your logline to be concrete… oh no, it’s always morphing as you write and rewrite your story.  Even though it’s not set in stone, most people in the industry agree that you should write the logline before writing anything else because it makes you think about the major plot points of your story.

So, what are the elements of a logline?  I’m glad you asked 😀  In its most basic format, it is this:

A character (protagonist) sets out on a journey (plot) to do or get something they believe they need or want (tangible goal) against at least three pieces of conflict (antagonist, conflicts, risks/stakes, ticking clock).

I honestly believe that the logline is the most difficult part of screenwriting, at least writing a good, solid logline.  So, once I can finally nail this part, the rest should be easy, right?  LOL.